Pride Groups

Throughout the season we will be having pride group competitions at practice.


Team 1

Mitchell Leonard - (12)

Owen Bertram - (11)   

Sylvan Tauer - (11)

Jason Berberich - (10)   

Carter Kuehn - (10)

Caleb Hauger - (9)

Alex Steffl - (9)

Team 2

James Ploeger - (12)

Jake Rosenstengel - (11) 

Mason Rummel - (11)   

Xandar Asmus - (11)   

Tori Helget - (10)   

Jayce Wright - (9)

Colen Moudry - (9)

Team 3

Isaac Fink – (12)

Ivan Hovland - (11)

Dylan Rubey - (11)

Ryan Vogel - (10)   

Dathan Sargent - (10)

Kyle Quesenberry - (9)

Jacob Platz - (9)

Team 4

Noah Solmonson (12)

Andrew Baumann - (11)   

Dylan Batzlaff - (10)  

Mason Leonard - (10)   

Ethan Langseth - (10)    

Joe Hoffmann (9)

Preston Moen - (9)

Team 5

Jake Veenstra - (12)   

Decker Scheffler - (11)   

Jerry Majors - (11)  

Kaden Johnson - (10)

Mason Flor - (10)   

Brendon Buerkle - (9)

Justin Kettner - (9)

Team 6

Tim Rogotzke - (12) 

Nolan Hovland - (11)   

Curtis Tauer - (11) 

Tyler Vanderwerf - (10)

Ashton Danielson - (10)   

Isaak Lothert - (9)

Shane Clemon - (9)

Team 7

Jordan Kieper - (12)   

Ryan Sanderville - (11)

Joseph Anderson - (10)

Tyler Michel - (11)   

Tate Mathiowetz - (9)

Connor Scholten - (9)

Jaron Schultz - (10) 


Team Jobs Before and After Practice

Team 1: Before: Ask Coach Scheffler where he wants you to place sleds and agility pads After: Put all sleds on the dirt infield after practice and agility pads in shed neatly. 

Team 2: Before: Go get all water tanks out of trailer. Put one on the each side of the 50-yard line. The hose goes in the back endzone. Make sure to turn water ON. After: Empty all the water and put water tanks in back in trailer. Recharge the batteries and lock door. Turn off water and put key away on hook inside shed.

Team 3: Before: Pick up the tackling mats and place the tackling rings on top of the mats. The mats will go by the goaline on the south end of the football field. After: Return mats and tackling rings to storage.


Team 4: Before: Bring out all the hand held dummies and stack them on the 50 yard line. The stand up dummies go on the 45 yard line. Place the container with beanies and white mesh jerseys at the 35 yard line. After: Pick up all hand held dummies, beanies/white mesh jerseys and other stand up dummies. 

Team 5: Before: Bring out all footballs and pylons. Pylons are stacked at the back corner of the endzone. Varsity footballs are placed in a row at the 40 yard sideline. Junior High Footballs are put at the far 40 yard sideline in a row. Beanies are placed at the 50 yard line. After: Put away all football and pylons. 

Team 6: Before: Carry the two heavy dummies and place them on the 20 yard line. Place kicking tees underneath endzone goal posts. Roll barrels to the 40 yard line. After: carry two heavy dummies to storage and put kicking tee box away. Return Barrels and place around the shed. 

Team 7: Before: Throw all the equipment out of trailers. After:  Stand by trailers and put things away inside neatly. Pick up garbage and dump when half full. Mow football lines. 

End of the Year: Coaches will keep a point value throughout the season on how your team does. The Champions will receive either a t-shirt or an individual plaque.